Phil’s Gear

Fender Hotrod Deluxe
Fender deluxe Stratocaster
Fender “Gilmour Signature" Stratocaster
Guyatone Lapsteel
Epiphone EJ200CE Electro Acoustic
TC Electronic G-System

Blackstar HT Dual
Boss GE-7 EQ
Boss CS-2 Comp/sustain
Jim Dunlop cry baby wah
Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox
TC Electronic Polytune
Ernie Ball Volume


Phil has been a Pink Floyd fanatic since first hearing Dark side of the moon back in the day. He has seen them live several times and cites David Gilmour as his biggest influence. His uncanny ability to recreate Gilmour’s sounds and guitar parts note for note is a major part of the Pink Floydian sound. Phil also adds great vocals to the mix as he has a great ear for harmony.