What you ARE saying about us

Very authentic sound, excellent selection of tracks, it's a fantastic night out.

Peter Lundy - 12/01/2020


Saw these tonight in Darlington at Majestic. They were absolutely beyond brilliant!! We'll be looking out for them touring and without doubt go again. Consumate musicians. The recreation of the Pink Floyd sound was spot on! Can highly recommend.

Ali Thompson - 11/01/2020


It was a fabulous night!  Hats off to you and the band for some great music and mixing. It really took me back and I had a great experience.

Karen Marshall - 02/11/2019


I just wanted to say we all had a fantastic evening. The band seemed to enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed the whole experience.

Kay Hurlston - 02/11/2019


What a great concert by the Pink Floydian. One of my favourite tracks is Whatever colour you like from Dark Side of the Moon, I didn't think they would perform it but did a great job of the track. I think that overall they did a fantastic job on a lot of the Pink Floyd cannon. Echoes was fantastic and always like the early music like Arnold Layne. Reallly brilliant. Cant wait to see them again.

Jon Haley - 04/11/2019


Saw them at Beatherder - only problem was, they didn’t play for long enough! They were absolutely fantastic. Best gig of the whole festival.

Polly Harrow Wright - 14/07/2019


5 Stars! Best tribute band I’ve ever seen. The music was absolutely spot on, close your eyes and it’s indistinguishable from the real thing. Will definitely go see again.

Ainsley Bedford - 21/10/2018


Went to see a brilliant Floyd tribute band at Fibbers in York last night. Pink Floydian, Really good 8 piece band. Did stuff from Animals as well as Have a Cigar, Shine on you Crazy Diamond, and the whole of Dark Side including Great gig in the sky. The whole band had all the details really accurate and stylishly delivered. The BV's were great and made a huge difference to the sound. As well as the two excellent girls, as far as I could see, 3 of the guys also contributed to both Lead and backing vocals to great effect. The guitars were extremely Gilmourish with the sounds and playing uncannily reminiscent of the albums. And the keyboards (the new boy apparently) did a great job of emulating the sounds and playing of Mr Wright. All topped off with a thumping rhythm section and a wicked Tenor sax playing all the right notes, and in the right order. A great 2 hour set. I Hope all my Floyd fan friends will join me in supporting these guys on their next visit.
Rob Parker - 22/07/2017

Went to 2 David Gilmour gigs last year - best gigs I've been to and that includes 3 Floyd gigs in the 80s...in that context this tribute git it spot on...what a fantastic night out at Fingers in York...Great Gig in the Sky, Have a Cigar, Mother,  Run Like Hell and Any Colour You Like highlights - but all good. If you like Pink Floyd go to see them! 
Mark Benson 22/07/2017

Went to see them at Marine Hall Fleetwood on 20th May.Absolutely loved every second of the show. Totaly accomplished musicians.
Fran Darlow - 21/05/2017

Cant wait to see them again. Just closed my eyes and it was like listening to the original band. You really cant tell the difference. Every note to perfection.
Fran Darlow - 21/05/2017

Saw you guys at The Exchange Keighley and having seen Floyd perform The Wall many years ago have to say it was like listening to the real thing. It was brilliant guys.
Simon Fearnley - 08/05/2017

Absolutely awesome, show at the marine hall Fleetwood was superb. You must see this band!
Mark Taylor - 21/05/2017

Just seen at playhouse2 absolutely amazing band, just like the real band
Ian Brierley – 12/11/2016

Seen Pink Floydian in the Tivoli, Buckley couple weeks ago and they were fantastic. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see this band again. The full Dark Side of the Moon album was amazingly covered…Miss it Miss out..
Claire Bevan – 30/03/2017

Absolutely loved Pink Floydian! I seen the real deal in 1994 and I tell you I was transported back. Incredible musicians/singers that are as tight as. Go see them. I’m so pleased I did!
Jill Jordan - 14/11/2016


A very enjoyable evening spent listening to a very talented band last night at the Town Hall in Bakewell. A smaller audience than it should have been to hear a great concert. A stunning rendition of the vocal obligato in Breathe. There are few vocalists that would attempt such a demanding solo, never mind reproduce it with such quality and style. Blew me away. Thanks guys.
Ian Wildgoose – 02/04/2017

Absolutley first class gig at the Brickyard Carlisle….again! Be back soon…..
Kevin Walmsley – 05/03/2017

I've seen many much larger bands than these, but none of them came as close to recreating the sound of the original tunes. I am a musician myself and I can truly say these guys and girls were note perfect and the light show was amazing
Jason brook - 2016

We went seeing another Pink Floyd tribute band last night, yet another lot nowhere near as good as you guys! You're still the best of any we've seen!
Geoff Newman - 2016

An amazing experience thanks
Darren Brownhill -2016

You guys are awesome and I have only heard the first set!
Sharon Taylor - 17/09/2016

Great show at thornton last night guys.....stand out songs were "great gig in the sky" (brilliant "clare torry" bit by sam) and "us and them" you all played a blinder!
David Layton - 2016

Fabulous gig at the Brickyard, Carlisle. You guys absolutely nailed it ! We will definitely come and see you again…awesome.
Jacqui Anne Marsden – 21/08/2016

Hi to All the Band Thanks for one of the most Awesome Gigs I have ever seen at Denton last night. You are up there with the Cream. You deserve to fill stadiums. Every single one of you are breathtakingly talented. Even your choice of material was impeccable. I am so looking forward to your Southport show and are going to take my whole family

Trevor Moody - 2015


Close your eyes and it's like listening to the albums. Incredibly realistic

Chris Derbyshire - 2015


well done you lot. great gig last night. better than aussie floyd

Mike Oxlong - 2015


What an amazing show, I feel like I have just witnessed Pink Floyd in their heyday

Graham and Donna Turner - 2017