Martin Paul Reynolds - 2023
Absolutely incredible. I was blown away by your performance on Saturday night. The sheer professionalism and attention to detail was so impressive. I've seen nine bands already this year and Pink Floydian tops them all! Mesmerising and authentic on stage. I'll be sure to experience another stunning performance again soon.

Kath Needham - 2023
What an amazing night! First time for me but won’t be the last! Wishing you all a great rest of your tour.

Bill Freeman - 2023
First time for me also but it will not be the last. I was lucky, there were only three seats left when I booked but I only needed the one. A truly great night and will definitely be there for your return next year..

Richard Stothard - 2023
Absolutely fantastic at Gainsborough tonight, so much improved from last year, the track from Animals was outstanding best £20 Ive spent in a long time. The two female vocalists must be tired after that show.

Cindy Davis - 2023
You were OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you so much for a brilliant evening

Chris Howell - 2023
Fantastic night, thank you for coming to Louth, we need more bands like you coming here! Look forward to seeing you again soon

Paul Davies - 2023
Absolutely amazing gig, if people actually knew how good you are I’ve no doubt you’d sell out much larger venues, being a Floyd tribute act is a hard act to follow, you smashed it out the park and can’t wait to see you again

Tommy Healey - 2023
Can't wait to see you again at Romiley guy's, there's no doubt you're the best Floyd tribute band. Keep up the good work.

Pete Murphy - 2023
You guys absolutely smashed it! Closed my eyes a couple of times and you sounded perfect, hope to see you again

Peter Procter - 2023
It was the tonic I needed - an incredibly talented lineup. Having never seen the Floyd myself while being a huge fan the last 13 years, the experience took me to a really happy place. Daft thing is, the last band I saw was a Welsh tribute 12 years ago, Pinc Floyd I think - that was the gig that introduced me to my musical bible that is DSOTM and you guys nailed it beautifully. Great Gig in the Sky, wow - your background vocalists are lead singers in their own right. An entirely beautiful experience, thankyou all.

Tony Doherty - 2023
A great show as ever. We've seen many of your shows and they just get better every time! We're already looking forward to your return but will definately see you again in the region before that!

Finn Dixon - 2022
It was an absolutely fantastic show in Fleetwood last night. First time I have seen Echoes performed live, and I was in awe. The music was fantastic with a great range of Floyd songs and really well done. Dogs was in particular extremely well done, and apart from Echoes was the hilight for me musically, but to be honest it all was excellent. I will most certainly come and see you whenever you play in Lancashire again.

Daniel McLintock - 2021
Watched this supremely talented group of musicians and singers on 24/06/22 at the Playhouse 2 in Shaw Oldham. Fantastic night. They played "run like hell" which was fantastic and a fitting end to an evening of quality entertainment "Floyd" style. You guys brought the Floyd spirit to Shaw. Highly recommended.

Mikky Kay - 2022
Superb experience in Halifax last night. Wonderful interpretations of Floyd's music, delivered with respect and conviction. I cannot recommend these guys and gals highly enough, they were beset with some tech issues, rose above them, gave us a memorable evening. Thank you so much!

David Cole - 2023
Absolutely amazing, Great night! The musicians are right up there with the best. The whole experience was immense…the light and laser show didn’t disappoint. Cheers

Paul Hurst - 2023
Fantastic band. Great musicians and played a two and a half hour set at Runcorn Brindley with a great light show. We were very impressed and looking forward to seeing them again.

Luke Phillips - 2023
Had the privilege of watching them last night (may 6th) at Louth town hall. Absolutely nailed it. The backing singers, the saxophonist and the lead singer just nailed it. Best 15 quid I ever spent.

Ian Armistead - 2023
I have been a fan of Pink Floyd for many years. So because I'll never see the guys together ever again I thought I would see tribute. My wife has heard my music at home so she came with me, she is now a fan of Floyd. These guys weren't just a tribute, this was Floyd reincarnated. Absolute professionalism in all areas, fantastic band well done guys